Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hiroshima Trams

In addition to busses and trains, Hiroshima also has a tram system which covers the city center. I love the me, they feel like a throwback to that bygone, more innocent era it seems everybody is always looking for. The problem, though, with the tram system is that there is usually about a ten-minute wait between trams. For me, ten minutes is a long time to stand on a chilly, windy platform in the middle of the road while I wait for the next tram car to come because I just barely missed the last one. To be honest, I'd just rather walk most of the time. But I'm glad Hiroshima has the tram system and I'd screech along with the rest of 'em (whoever 'em might be) if the city ever decided to rid itself of the tram system, which, hopefully, it won't.

This is my Saturday entry for Show Me Japan, the photo meme that those great folks over at Budget Trouble have put on for 10 straight weekends (here's to 100!).


lina said...

I hope the tram will be around longer. We took it a few times when we were in Hiroshima and love it!

A and Y Ikeda said...

I am quite amazed that so many Japanese towns have trams.

Y. Ikeda said...

Great B&W image. I like the number 801, which reminds me of my film camera, Nikon F801S. Am sorry for mentioning personal and trivial issue.

kirsten said...

In theory, I love the trams. In practice, I don't use them very often because I like walking. I've heard, though, that turning across the lines in a car can be quite treacherous and that drivers need to be super attentive. Man, wouldn't getting hit in your car by a tram suck. Booo to that.