Thursday, January 13, 2011

Digital Harinezumi 2 Triple Plus

These are the first unedited images from my impulsively purchased Digital Harinezumi 2 Triple Plus camera (aka the Zumi+++). To say I'm excited is a supreme understatement. (UPDATE: Click over to my Zumi+++ label to see a sampling of other images & video postcards I've been producing.)

PS...It's good to be back in Japan because now I can once again participate in the weekly Show Me Japan meme put on by the lovelies over at Show Me Japan!


A and Y Ikeda said...

Excuse me for being stupid, but I have to go and google this Harinzeumi thingy. Seems like a very fun toy!
And it's great to have you back!!! :-)

Turi said...

Wow, I like those. That camera's got some possibilities!

Y. Ikeda said...

I was curious about this toy digital camera. Very impressive photos! Are they in "Monochrome Hard" mode?
Thanks for sharing and welcome back to "Show Me Japan".